Friday, August 10, 2012


Emma Heart

Whats up you sick fucks?! This is my second post and what better whore to talk about that the fat pig Emma Heart. She's a chunky monkey, I likely! It reminds me of all of all nasty fat white trash sluts I fucked back in my day. Moving on, this is solid rough scene. The bitch comes in wearing a skirt and boot, what a dumb whore! Minutes into the scene around 8:03, the fuckers make her puke!! YES!!! We have a winner! The fat bitch puked! That really got me going, to be honest. She continues getting her tonsils massaged for till 18:03 when they start pound her pussy while shes still deepthroating cock. Image the fat slut bending over sucking cock while getting pussy pounded. The fat bitch struggled, what a fatty! One of my favorite parts of this scene is that see does anal! A chubby anal whore! Bootleg gives her a nice spit in the face to 31:47 while shes getting chocked and pounded, that was hot! She had so much cum on her face see could barely open her eyes! Good work guys, way to put the fat bitch in her place! I just wish there would have been dirty ass to mouth or feeding her own puke or atleast pouring it on her face!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gina Lynn

This whore is a fucking babe. Easily one of the hottest bitches I've ever seen get fucked!She argueably the hottest pornstar ever! I guess some big shot cause she appeared in some music video, but she'll always be known as a hot blond haired bimbo. After the interview, they finally started face fucking the shit out her. Immediately, you can tell she wasn't ready for this. Shes a glamor porn model not a gag fuck whore!! She handled the pussy pounding well, but they fucked her up really good during the face fucking part. She's overwhelmed at times and takes a few short breaks, haha shes a good whore though, shes always gets right back on that cock.  Really disappointed they didn't force her to puke!!! I repeat NO PUKE! I'm sick, I love the scenes with epic amounts of puke.. Who doesn't??! Also, I'm a panty lover, I would loved to see her getting fucked in a lacy black thong. Gotta give my boy Duke props for this one! This is an amazing scene! Easily one of my top 5 favorite!

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Important Times
4:27- Slapped Around a few times
9:10- The guy chokes her hard!
13:25- Inverted Throat Fucking
15:31- Peckard Slapping!
28:47- Good pussy pounding
Ending- Love to see her sitting there with all that cum on her face!